If you want to change your world, you need a strategy as strong as your values. Firetail will help you achieve your ambitions for social progress with bold, independent thinking. You will have answers focused on giving you the clarity and confidence needed to make a difference.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, but what unites them is their sense of purpose. As an organisation interested in social progress, you face difficult questions. But no matter how complex the challenges, the features of a good strategy are always the same:

“Strategy is coherent action backed by an argument. And the core of the strategist’s work is always the same: discover the crucial factors in a situation and design a way to coordinate and focus actions to deal with them." 

Richard Rumelt, UCLA

Finding strategic answers starts with bringing together different perspectives. To turn your ambitions into reality, you need to understand your landscape, your stakeholders, your operations and your business model. You need to analyse the situation, engage with partners, evaluate options and develop a clear, realistic plan. Firetail will support you here, with each strategic step grounded in data, insight and evidence. You will have a clear definition of success and a way forward to change your world.

Our services

Strategy development >

You want to define what success means to you and how you will achieve it.

Strategy development from Firetail helps you:

  • set a direction and understand the big choices you face
  • tell a clear story about the future and your place in it
  • review how your organisation is doing in fulfilling its core objectives
  • plan for choices about the future and set out a roadmap for change.

Operational & business planning >

You want to turn strategic direction into co-ordinated, coherent action.

Strategic planning from Firetail helps you:

  • give everyone a clear framework for making decisions
  • set objectives and milestones to allocate and secure resources
  • anticipate change, manage trade-offs and align the organisation with its ambitions.

Mergers, partnership & collaboration >

You want to connect to success in a networked world.

Strategic thinking from Firetail helps you:

  • be proactive and strategic about collaboration
  • think about governance, growth, efficiency and opportunity
  • plan and implement moves strategically
  • ensure choices best serve your beneficiaries and support your organisation in the long run.

Portfolio review >

As a grantmaker or social investor, you want to contribute for impact.

A portfolio review from Firetail helps you:

  • consider the range of opportunities across the funding landscape
  • understand your own strengths and constraints
  • allocate resources based on clear investment framework.

Scenario planning >

You want to look 10-20 years ahead.

Scenario planning from Firetail helps you:

  • develop responses for different futures
  • understand the capacities and capabilities you need to build
  • think about different types of risk and opportunity
  • catalyse new thinking about your strategy.

Our experience

Clients benefit from our global, cross-sector, strategic experience of organisations pursuing impact and social progress. They range from the world’s largest NGOs, foundations and research organisations through to small, pre-launch campaigns and social enterprises. Each client shares the ambition to make a positive difference to people’s lives. We’re proud of our long-term client relationships and our expertise covers the full spectrum of strategic engagements. 

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