Chris Percy joins Firetail as Associate Director

Firetail are delighted to announce a new senior hire, Chris Percy, who joins the team as Associate Director. He joins us from King's College London, where he served as interim Director of Academic Strategy. 

Chris Percy, Associate Director

Chris Percy, Associate Director

As we wrote last year, Firetail believes that “bold, independent thinking needs to be applied to the world’s most complex challenges to make everyone’s lives better and fairer”.  

Hiring Chris reflects Firetail's commitment to the changing world of social progress and the new skills needed for success.

Chris brings important new skills to the team in growth, strategy, finance and data analytics.

He has experience in commercialisation and innovative financing models, having worked as an expert consultant for the World Bank, run capital raises for social impact bonds, and supported M&A activity for private capital. This experience is underpinned with strengths in organisational strategy, quantitative analysis and big data.

Chris will be exploring some of the big trends facing our clients and others working on social progress, including:

  • The mainstreaming of “purpose” as a concept beyond moving beyond civil society into higher education, investment and business

  • The emergence of new hybrid business models for social purpose, and new opportunities in commercialisation, social enterprise and new sources of funding

  • The challenge of data for social progress and how organisations should best engage with this important issue.

  • The changing nature of meaningful work and what that means for productive, collaborative teams and communities

These issues have big implications for our clients, and for how Firetail might change to serve them better. If you've got an opinion on this - and we think many of you do - please reach out to Chris to share your thoughts. He can be reached at