Before you invest for tomorrow, you should know how you are doing today. Good evaluation is always about learning, and the most effective evaluation always connects to strategy. Firetail answers your organisation’s need to learn to become more effective. 

For organisations driving social progress, success has multiple definitions. Success against one set of criteria could mean failure against another. Understanding the context is essential. Too many evaluations are audits. Box-ticking exercises. They are static and backward-looking, when your organisation needs to focus on the future. They promise certainty and attribution, when you know results are normally ambiguous and more about your contribution. 

Your organisation needs to learn from what it does so it can improve next time. That requires understanding the dynamic context in which you are working. In addition to knowing the positive difference you have made, you need insights about how to act in the future. Firetail’s approach to evaluation sets your organisation up to be more effective, take better decisions and enhance the lives of the people you serve. They are reflective, collaborative exercises that help you think systemically about the change you want to see and what it will take to achieve it. 

There are a variety of tools you can use to measure your impact and progress. We can help you pick the right one for the right moment. Thinking about evaluation as a tool for strategy helps to establish a learning culture within your organisation. You will find this a powerful driver of change. 

Our services

Campaign evaluation >

You want to understand how change happens.

Campaign evaluation from Firetail helps you:

  • understand how your campaign was perceived by stakeholders
  • understand the way your campaign operated and its impact and results
  • learn what works for future activity.

Programme evaluation >

You want to learn from your experience.

Programme evaluation from Firetail helps you:

  • measure the impact of a specific programme or project
  • evaluate its effectiveness, processes and impact
  • demonstrate the change it has achieved
  • shape how you can improve your programmes the future.

Learning & impact >

You want to build monitoring, evaluation and learning into your ways of working.

Strategic evaluation services from Firetail helps you:

  • develop a theory of change
  • shape learning questions
  • conduct impact assessments
  • establish and deliver monitoring, learning and evaluation systems.

Our experience

Organisations benefit from our deep experience in developing and delivering monitoring, evaluation and learning reviews and frameworks. We have led formal evaluations commissioned by national and international development agencies, trusts and foundations, through to small, tailored learning programmes. We have particular expertise around evaluating programmes in complex policy environments, and working in a global, national and local context.  

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