Social progress is never achieved alone. Whether you are asking people for their money, their voice or their energy, everyone has something worth hearing and a contribution to make. Firetail will help you find the answers to build transformative connections.

Coalition working and networks are increasingly important to purpose-driven organisations. How you collaborate and engage with people is fundamental to success in a joined-up world. Building common causes with your audiences and stakeholders is key. To include everyone that matters on your journey, you need clear ideas from insightful research. This is as much about understanding individuals as understanding the issues. 

If you want to have influence, you need a deep understanding of your different audiences and what motivates them. You need insights that excite people about what you are saying and doing, defining the multiple calls of action needed to succeed. You need to be pragmatic in understanding your ability to influence. Research will also show how best to work with your stakeholders, from like-minded partners through to senior government decision-makers. We can support your organisation in every aspect of engagement, and always with your vision at the centre. You will tell a story that engages the public and your stakeholders towards the change you want to see.

Our services

Campaigning & advocacy >

You want to influence change.

Firetail helps you:

  • understand who to influence and how to achieve this effectively
  • develop your theory of change and campaign strategy
  • understand the issues to focus on
  • increase your impact through campaigning and advocacy
  • build the case for advocacy internally and with partners
  • change perceptions of your cause in your wider world.

Public engagement >

You want to inspire support.

Firetail helps you:

  • raise people’s awareness of your organisation
  • identify ways to cut through
  • elevate your organisation’s profile
  • get closer to your public.

Brand & communications >

You want to tell your story.

Firetail helps you:

  • understand your audiences and the themes that resonate
  • start the right conversations to get the results you need
  • build a strong, compelling brand.

Stakeholder research >

You want to understand what decision-makers are thinking. Firetail helps you:

  • understand your landscape and the perceptions of your place in it
  • understand the issues facing your stakeholders
  • generate insights to enable more effective engagement.

Our experience

Organisations benefit from our broad-ranging experience running complex stakeholder engagement programmes with a range of audiences. Our work has included engagement with senior leadership, key decision-makers, academics, industry representatives, civil society groups and staff. We have delivered major projects with a large number of beneficiaries and stakeholders, through to bespoke engagement programmes. Our methodologies are tailored to clients' needs and include qualitative approaches, including interviews, focus groups and workshops, as well as quantitative approaches such as online and and telephone surveys. 

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