Mission-driven organisations get their income from many sources. In a world of hybrid business models and blurred boundaries, it can be hard to know where to focus. Firetail will give you clear answers, so you can fundraise, grow, develop and innovate with confidence.

Where does the money come from for social progress? This is a challenging question. Traditional sources are getting tougher and more competitive, from individual fundraising activities to research grants, foundations, statutory income, trading income, corporate partnerships and rich donors. Novel social enterprises and social finance are adding to the complexity. Most organisations need to diversify and innovate. But what makes an organisation successful at raising one type of income does not translate into success in other areas. There are different competitive landscapes to understand, different success factors to consider and different sets of skills required. 

Whether you are investing in fundraising, philanthropy or trading – or venturing into innovative new areas of social enterprise – you need to be confident that you can achieve growth. Being certain here means bringing together insights about people, the world and your own organisation. You need to know how your different funders behave, and how your ideas might land. You need to focus on your landscape, customers, beneficiaries, audiences and competitors to identify the real opportunities out there for you. 

Firetail supports in every area of growth and brings expertise in business modelling and organisational culture to test your assumptions. You are ambitious to make a difference, so you won’t rule out an idea because it is too big or rule it in because it is easy to deliver. You know social progress does not work like that. But change does not normally come cheap. Plans for growth, based on insight, experience and analysis, will help you raise the finances you need for impact.

Our services

Fundraising & philanthropy >

You want to inspire partners to support your mission.

Fundraising and philanthropy strategy from Firetail helps you:

  • build a world-class fundraising or philanthropy portfolio
  • map out your market and identify growth areas, from individual giving through to major donors
  • understand what motivates people to support you
  • diversify and optimise your fundraising portfolio
  • focus on the most promising opportunities
  • develop and refine your existing strategies.

Business development >

You want options for growth.

Business development from Firetail helps you:

  • grow with confidence, understanding different horizons of growth
  • think about your landscape, options and commercial realities
  • balance decisions and investment, impact and income
  • assess the value of your investment and model different outcomes
  • test the views of your stakeholders.

New markets & propositions >

You want to give your new ideas the best chance of success.

Firetail helps you:

  • develop and test new ideas
  • understand how best to enter new markets and territories
  • grow income and maximise impact
  • build financial models to understand the investment
  • launch new products successfully.

Social investment >

You want to catalyse change with new forms of investment, capital and finance.

Social investment services from Firetail helps you:

  • identify appropriate ways of accessing impact investment
  • develop an investment thesis and funding strategy
  • establish appropriate structures, systems and metrics
  • design and deliver pilots and initiatives at scale.

Our experience

Organisations benefit from our unique breadth of experience in helping to generate income for social progress. We have worked on everything from optimising traditional mass fundraising portfolios through to innovative social enterprises, from testing propositions for high-net worth donors to starting commercial joint ventures. For over a decade, we have helped dozens of mission-driven organisations develop robust income portfolios, including community-led organisations, non-profit trade bodies and cultural, health, science and education institutions. Areas of expertise include portfolio review, individual giving, corporate partnerships, proposition development, market research, customer and supporter insight, business modelling and investment planning. 

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