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Firetail is a consulting firm that works around the world to help ambitious organisations
achieve positive social change. We help our clients develop strategies, create insights
and encourage learning so that they make better and smarter choices.
We measure our success by their results.

Job Board

We’re not recruiters, but our clients kept telling us how hard and expensive it is to reach great people. We feature jobs with our clients and wider network free of charge in our fortnightly email briefing.


You can be the first to find out about new opportunities by following us on Twitter: @jobs_firetail.


If you’re looking to hire great people, there are three reasons to use our job board:

  • We know civil society. We built the job board because we work in civil society and know how important it is to get the right people. We also know how difficult it can be. So we’re trying to provide a professional and inexpensive way of connecting extraordinary organisations with the candidates that they deserve.
  • We reach the right people. We use social media to reach an extensive and talented civil society audience of senior managers, policymakers and campaigners from NGOs and charities, foundations and social enterprise.
  • It’s free, and simple. Recruitment consultants and press advertising are expensive. The job board is a free, quick, and easy way to find talented people. You can get your ad online in minutes, with all the information necessary to attract the right candidates.

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